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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

Hello  Everyone,
I just wanted to wish all of you a Happy Easter. I've had a real hard time with this move the whole thing has been awful. We were almost here and I lost my 18 year old cat Nala, It wasn't a surprise I knew she was going I just wanted to hold her and be next to her till the end. She did live a good life I loved her so.  
 Just talking about it makes me cry. And when I got to the place my husband picked out for us that was another nightmare this place used to be a bar and they tried to make it a house no pantry no hall closet and the bedroom closets are a joke it's like they just cut a hole out and called it a closet.
  I had a 3 bedroom house with a full size basement and a two car garage with a shed out back so needless to say our things did not fit in this place and we pay 900 a month with no appliances and a fire place that doesn't work unless we buy all the tubing ad rent a gas tank which I'm not doing. All the rentals I've been looking at have appliances so I don't want to buy them and the owners won't pay for them. I did buy a used refrigerator because using a cooler was just to hard.
  Oh I almost forgot the best part when we were just moving in we got a two hundred dollar bill so I called the electric company to ask what was going on I explained we were just moving in how could this be. The lady said we might want to check the furnace or hot water heater or might be the pump to the well. And that we were already up to another two hundred then going on the new bill. We checked out the pump and that's what it was. The owner had someone fix it but would not reimburse us for the four hundred dollars it cost us for the electric bill said they were tight on money. Yeah like we aren't. I had to sell a lot of our things just to move. So now you got an idea of what has been going on.
   I don't mean to ramble but I wanted to share with you what has been going on. Most of my things are packed up still cause I have no where to put them. As soon as I can figure something out I will start crafting again.